Game Description
Title Screen The good news: A festival is being held in honor of Mega Man and his tireless heroics! The bad news: Dr. Wily shows up to ruin the fun, and basically everything at the festival tries to kill our hero... wait, didn't we go through this exact routine already?!

MaGMML1 Remastered is a full-fledged remake of the original MaGMML1, rebuilding it completely in a new game engine in an attempt to bring it up to the standards of subsequent contests.

While the entries are the same beyond engine fixes and extremely minor tweaks, the entire rest of the game has been completely revamped! The hubs, tier bosses, extras, you name it, have all been completely redone, all in a totally functional, smooth 60 FPS. Of course, the remake doesn't fix most of the problems that you might have with the entries themselves, but the playing experience is (hopefully) much improved, so new generations of people interested in the series can experience its roots without being dumped into a pit by Rush Jet!

Tons of quality life features have been added as well, be it Skip Teleporters or leaderboards inspired by MaGMML2, or new options such as being able to toggle lives on and off and being able to choose if you want to view the very outdated judge comments or instead innocently pretend MaGMML1's judge rubric didn't exist.

Download MaGMML1 Remastered (v1.2)
Updated Sep 5, 2020
Download Mirrors (64 mb) Downloads are compatible with the latest version of Windows available at the time of release. Please report any broken links or technical issues via social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Glass Man art by Phusion
  • 30+ levels to play, making the game significantly longer than your typical Mega Man game!
  • Completely revamped boss battles (outside of the entries), including both reimagined veterans and surprise newcomers.
  • A rebalanced weapon set, still including fan favorites like Metal Blade, Thunder Wool and Top Spin.
  • Two shops that offer upgrades and costumes to purchase for bolts.
  • Tons of random secrets and easter eggs as well as a significant chunk of postgame content.
  • A completely redesigned hub world that's even easier to navigate than before, along with rewritten NPC dialogue.
  • Lots of options to customize your experience to your enjoyment.
  • Programming that should actually work this time, probably!


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